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I am a Mac user having a download problem

Internet Explorer for Mac has a known bug that causes it to interpret response headers incorrectly. The download of your purchase is most likely successful, but the browser due to this issue is unable to receive the actual file name and will instead save the file as “download.cfm� WHICH IS NOT THE CORRECT File Name.
Solution 1
Attempt the download again with a modern mac browser such as Mozilla or Safari. It is important to note Microsoft will no longer be developing Internet Explorer for Mac, so this issue is not likely to ever be corrected.

Solution 2
Manually save the file with an appropriate file name yourself when downloading using Mac IE. Mac IE will suggest it is trying to save a file named “download.cfm� which is false. When this dialog is presented you may safely rename the file to any other filename such as (in most cases all downloads from our site will be sent in zip format). The file will then be correctly saved to your drive (in most cases) as a valid zip archive, once saved you can extract the saved file as normal.

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