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Triangle 1700 Series Colors
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The Sta-True 1700 series of plastisol ink was formulated for printing on polyester and 50/50 polyester/cotton blends for minimal bleed where normal plastisol films would be discolored due to the fabric dyes bleeding into the screen printed ink film. For the 1700 series all solvent resistant emulsions and capillary film may be used for stencils. A 110 mesh count is a popular choice however, 60 to 280 mesh can be used.


The 1700 series was developed for printing on polyester and 50/50 polyester/cotton blends. 


For the 1700 series a temperature of 315º F to 330 F º for 3-minutes, depending on ink deposit, fabric type, ink color, and dryer efficiency.  Failure to properly cure is the primary reason for ink adhesion failure. Thick ink deposits do require more energy (longer dwell time) to cure, similarly a 100% cotton fabric, because of its high moisture content will reduce curing efficiency compared to a 50/50 cotton polyester mix.  Dark colors absorb heat and cure faster than light colors.  Colors which reflect heat such as metallics, glitters, and shimmers, also require more energy to properly cure.  Finally the use of a Forced Air dryer is far more efficient for thorough curing than the use of a Radiant Heat dryer.



The 1700 series can be modified with the 1100-046 Opaque Base or 1180-325 Soft Hand Base limiting dosage to 20% by weight. For best results, stir well before using and do not add any reducers or additives to this series.  For glitters and metallics the 1180-200 Glitter/Metallic Base should be used. 

Low bleed, press-ready series of plastisol ink.
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Release Date: 06/10/09