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Rutland WB Waterbase Colors
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Rutland Waterbase Series Colors:



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Rutland Ink, in an effort to provide the industry with an environmentally friendly printing solutions, developed the WB-99 PVC free water based pigment system. WB-99 is a high performance PVC Free Pigment mixing system for 100% light cotton fabrics or dark fabrics when using the discharge process.  This mixing system allows the printer to mix thousands of colors using formulas from the M2007 Ink Matching Software.  WB-99 Pigments are vibrant to give the most brilliant color matches. When combined with the WB0249 General Purpose Base, prints are extremely soft in feel and at a low cost on white fabrics. WB0249 General Purpose Base requires longer cure times, up to 3-minutes, depending on your dryer configuration. WB02498 Quick Cure Base can be used for faster production demands when printing on 100% cotton lights. For printing on 100% cotton darks combine with WB0255 Discharge Base and activate with WB0259 Discharge Agent.


100% white cotton fabrics and 100% dark cotton fabrics when combined with WB0255 Discharge Base and activator WB0259 Discharge Agent.  Recommended screen mesh counts are from 60 to 200, depending on your art work.


This water-based mixing system requires a electric or gas dryer with good air-flow and and must be capable of reaching 320° F for 2-4 minutes.


For a softer print use White Discharge Plus as an underlay white or as a white additive to discharge base.  It can also be mixed with WB-99 PS pigments.  Mixing white discgarge with discharge base will allow you to achive a softer hand white underlay when required.  White discharge can also be mixed with WB-99 PS pigments at up to 15% to create dischargeable colors or used straight as a white underlay on dark fabrics.  User must add 3% to 6% of WB0259 Discharge Agent to activate this base.  Only activate enough product to run 3 to 4 hours.  The additive should be mixed into the base with a high speed drill / homogenizer.  WB0259 Discharge Agent should be added to the Discharge Base or the Discharge White at a rate of 3 % to 6%.

Product Specifications
Sku: RU-WB
Vendor: Rutland
Release Date: 09/13/10